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Match Fees

Match fees have stayed the same for the 2021 season. They pay towards providing umpires for each game, the cost of pitches, and match day teas back at the clubhouse.

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Match fees are incredibly important to the club and without them we couldn't function. To make match fee collection easier for both players and captains we are introducing a new way to pay using the Slate App.

All our existing and new players will need to download the Slate App to allow them to pay match fees by direct debit. This will hopefully be easier for players, they won't need to remember cash, captains can easily keep track of payments and won't have to pay cash to the bar and save the volunteers on the Committee a lot of time and effort as well.

Each week your captain will create a direct debit payment request. You then authorise this request using the free app and your match fees are taken from your account automatically.

We hope everyone will get on board and when you receive an email invite from Slate you will download and register with Slate in time for your first match.

Slate FAQs

Can the club take money from my account automatically?

No. Your captain will select on their app that you have played that week, you will then receive a request to authorise the payment. No payment can be taken until you authorise it, via the free app.

Can I pay cash?

You can still pay cash if you wish, we are hoping to encourage all members to use Slate as far as possible to make things easier for captains and the committee.

Is it secure?

Slate partners with Gocardless, which is a known electronic payment provider similar to Paypal. The systems are secure and encrypted to international standards. All payments are dealt with by Gocardless. The Club and Slate do not access your bank account and will not have your card details.