Changes to game times

Home game times at West Hampstead are changing this year with most games moving by 10-15 minutes.

Due to the uncertainty of quarters being introduced to the domestic game this season, times at Brent Cross are changing. Whilst all of our teams will still be playing halves, the committee decided to introduce new times to alleviate pressure of games over running; due to stoppages.

As a club this should protect us from league fines where games start late, and hopefully allow most teams a longer warm up on the turf before games, and umpires more time to get ready when coming straight off the pitch.

We have estimated a game as 85 minutes (2 x 35 minute halves, 5 minutes for half time and 10 minutes of stoppage.

The new times this season will be:

  • 10:15 pitch available from 10:00am

  • 12:00 pitch available from 11:40am

  • 13:40 pitch available from 13:15pm

  • 15:15 pitch available from 14:40pm

Teams playing the first game can still warm up in the quad prior to using the pitch from 10am.

This change will also allow us to change to quarters if England hockey decide to adopt the International rules in future seasons.

Published on Tuesday 10th of September 2019 by:

Jamie Fortune

Fixtures Secretary (2017-2022)

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