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England Hockey announce rule change

Due to COVID-19 England Hockey have amended the rules regarding spitting. Anyone spitting or blowing their nose on the pitch (without a tissue or handkerchief) will now be issued a green card.

Players spitting and blowing their nose openly on the pitch is something that happens quite frequently in hockey. Not only is it, quite frankly, gross it also poses a significant risk to other people.

New guidance for the 2020/21 season

  • A two-minute suspension (Green Card) will be issued to any player or person caught spitting or openly blowing their nose on the hockey pitch. If this occurs, the offender will need to clean the area before play can continue.

  • Repeat offenders (i.e. player(s) offending more than once) are subject to further personal penalties as prescribed in section 14 of the 2019 FIH Rules of Hockey.

  • Consistent repeat offenders will be subject to due process under the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour, Red Card, MMO and/or Disrepute policies.

Umpiring tip

Safety is always a key consideration, you should apply this rule consistently to all people. Proactive and preventative education is key in the enforcement of this guidance - make sure players and team management are aware of new rule changes before starting a match.

Keen on umpiring?

If by some miracle our chat about spitting and nose blowing has inspired you to want to find out more about becoming an umpire, get in touch with umpires.whhc.uk.

Published on Wednesday 16th of September 2020 by:

Maria Eugenia Carbajales Sisto

Communication Officer (2019-2022)

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