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England Hockey21 May 2018

Give the gift of Hockey this summer

Jamie Graham

Communication Officer (2018-2019)

Have you got spare or old hockey kit hanging around not doing a lot? Maybe in your house/garage or at your school/club? Have your friends or teammates got some too?

Then why not hand it a new life and "Give the Gift of Hockey" to someone else!

We all know hockey is a great sport and those who play it vouch for all it gives them, at whatever age, level or place you play.

You might participate because:

  • You love it, have great fun, make great friends and it's big for them socially

  • When you play you feel part of something with an identity and it's a special and unique feeling of being part of a team

  • It keeps you fit and gives you a purpose

  • Your family and friends play

  • Playing has helped you build up lots of good skills on and off the pitch

  • You aspire to play well, make a difference and be the best you can be

There are also a whole host of other very valid reasons why you might play too!

All these things give people who play an opportunity to gain something good in their lives. That is why, through partnerships with UK Sport and TAP Ghana as well as East London, England hockey are looking for tour help to "Give the Gift of Hockey" to as many people as possible so they can also experience what's great about playing our sport.

If you have some old kit lying around, turn it into Pure Hockey Gold and pass it on to others.

In doing so you can pass on what you enjoy about playing to someone else and give them the chance to enjoy those things too. Who knows what opportunities it might give them, what skills they might learn which will help them in the future, what good people they might meet or whether it might just simply put a smile on their face!

Sustainability at the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup

This campaign joins together two of the key broader ambitions of the Vitality Women's Hockey World Cup. One of those is to change the perception of hockey to the wider population and get more people involved and loving our sport. Passing on unused equipment from around the world and giving it to someone who can use it opens the game up to more people.

The second ambition is for the Vitality Women's Hockey World Cup to shout about and support the importance being more sustainable in a world which is currently facing many economic, environmental and social issues. In this vein, giving the gift of hockey aims to demonstrate a circularity of resources by giving "waste" (old, disused hockey kit) a new life.

How to help

You will be able to bring your sticks and kit to our forthcoming England Hockey events at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre where there will be special bins designated to donate them in. Events include:

  • League Finals

  • England Hockey Championships Finals

  • Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup

If you can't come to any of the events fear not. You can contact beth.moorley@englandhockey.co.uk to find out how you can still donate your equipment.