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Club22 Jul 2021

New London league structure

Jared Phayer (2018-2022)

Club Chair

New leagues 2020/21

With fixtures due to be announced in the next week, we are able to share the final structure for the new London league.

A motion to restructure the organisational model including leagues and umpiring was passed by clubs at the 2019/20 England Hockey AGM. The changes have resulted in 8 areas within England; WHHC will affiliate and compete in the new London league. The new organisation has now been incorporated, and due to hold their first AGM next week.

The new structure was proposed to reduce the number of committees; standardise the leagues across genders and areas; and reduce travel to matches.

The new season (2021/22) will be the first season in the new structure.

The structure

The structure is split into 4 grades which will each have their own variation of the standard league rule-set, stricter at the higher levels and more open at the lower divisions.

There is a 1-2-3 structure with the top two leagues covering all of London, followed by two levels of a "North/South" league that will be balanced geographically each year. Below this the league splits into 3 sub areas roughly north west, south west, and south east.

League divisions



League dates

The league is currently expected to run between September 25 and April 9. With a mid-season break starting after games on December 11; resuming January 22.

The weekends of October 23 and February 19 will be reserved for slip dates if required; otherwise a break for all teams.

Fixtures can currently be found on the England Hockey fixtures website.