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Meet Nku our M1s' new head coach!<!-- --> | WHHC
Coaching9 Aug 2021

Meet Nku our M1s' new head coach!

Maria Eugenia Carbajales Sisto (2018-2022)

Communication Officer

Meet our new M1s coach

We are super excited to welcome our new M1s coach, Nku. He has come to the club to help develop our coaches and lead our M1s on the new London league.

Apart from the love for the sport, Nku has varied hockey experience from development to coaching internationally. Recently, he has also been involved in umpire coaching and coach education/development as well.

We managed to get to know him a bit more before the start of the season...

So Nku tell us a bit more about yourself?

Not much to tell. Hockey tragic from the Caribbean (hahaha lol). Between 33 and now it's been pretty much hockey hockey hockey...Wait did I just date myself?

What do you do on your free time?

Watch hockey. Oh wait no, umpire hockey...or is it non hockey? I like gardening and horse back riding and yes good rum.

When did you get into hockey?

Secondary school. Someone promised Thursday afternoons off and being a studious scholar, I jumped at the opportunity to miss school...Lol.

What is your coaching experience?

I've done a bit of everything really, from development to coaching internationally recently I've gotten into umpire coaching and coach education/development as well.

Tell us your best or funniest coaching story.

I'll invite everyone who wants to hear it to ask me in person as it is better with in person storytelling lol.

What do you enjoy most about the hockey?

To be honest it's the growth. I get real personal gratification from seeing an individual, a team, an organisation grow and knowing I was able to facilitate that.

What are your expectations for the season?

Lots of fun!!! And hard work... But then more fun!

A message for our club...

I'm here to facilitate your on field hockey needs. Please don't hesitate to reach out regardless of your concern, comment or question. Whether it is an individual question, team question or other questions (to do with hockey of course lol). Let's do this together!