Project Re-use

Got an old stick gathering dust in your cupboard, taking up room in your bag or getting a brand spanking new one for the season? We’re on the hunt for your old sticks to donate to the Hockey Dreams Foundation in partnership with Otter Hockey.

Your old sticks go to those who can give it a second life in Communities across Uganda, Zambia and Malawi. Hockey sticks normally have plenty of life left in them and this will get them to those in need. Along with helping hockey grow as a sport worldwide!

Donating your old stick improves access to hockey for those with barriers to entry.

The Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to create a better future through sport. They stimulate the development of young coaches worldwide . These coaches – besides being a coach – also finish their school and have the opportunity to attend college. They create a healthy sport community, which enables coaches to make dreams come true, develop people personally, socially and sportive wise and keep all hockey players away from drugs and criminal activities.

They have already shipped over 4,000 reusable hockey sticks. If you have any old or unwanted sticks please bring them to Club Day.

How can I donate my stick?

Lucas will be coordinating collection of sticks. He will be at the following events to collect donations:

  • Mens preseason training. Tuesday 20 August, 8pm @ Bx pitches

  • Mens preseason training. Wednesday 21 August, 8pm @ Bx pitches

  • Mens preseason training. Tuesday 27 August, 8pm @ Bx pitches

  • Club day. Saturday 3 September, 12pm @ Bx pitches

Lucas has also kindly offered to pick up any sticks, he will cycle across North London to collect them from you. Please email to get his details.

Published on Saturday 13th of August 2022 by:

Sophie Mills

Club Chair

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