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Umpire Expenses Policy


Umpiring is a key part of hockey and required in almost all formats of the game. As a club, we need to encourage umpires and players to volunteer their time and facilitate the game at all levels of the club.

The club will reimburse expenses incurred by members for games that they umpire on behalf of the club; both club games as well as neutral games where the club participates as part of a pool.

In addition, the club will in certain circumstances reimburse courses and training for umpires to develop and gain qualifications.


This policy relates to expenses related to umpire development and the officiating of matches on behalf of the club, by club members.

This policy does not include the cost of umpiring equipment and attire which is the sole responsibility of the member.

Match Expenses

  • Members who officiate games on behalf of the club will be able to claim the current adult match fee to cover any expenses.

  • Members officiating as part of the South Women’s League pool on behalf of the club can claim £25 per game.

  • The match fee will be paid on a ​per game​ basis.

  • The club reserves the right to refuse claims for expenses where there is a need for cancellation or change.

  • Expenses for games in the April 1st to March the 31st season year need to be submitted by the following April 15th.

Course Expenses

The club will reimburse members the first £25 for level 1 courses where:

  • The course is run by England Hockey.

  • The member becomes registered as an un-accessed level one umpire.

  • The member umpires 3 games for the club after the course date.

Expenses can either be claimed by completing the ​umpire course reimbursement form on the club website.

For other courses, workshops and events the club committee will consider applications made to the umpire development secretary.


The club will pay or reimburse members for membership to the Middlesex Hockey Umpire Association where:

  • The member holds a current club membership.

  • The member contacts the umpire appointment secretary.

  • The member has umpired at least 5 league or cup games on behalf of the club:

    • either​ in the previous league season.

    • or​ the current league season.

The club will pay memberships for those satisfying the above at the start of the league season. Otherwise the member can pay their membership to the MHUA directly and claim from the club, via invoice to the treasurer, at the time of meeting the conditions above.

Other Expenses

The club will consider claims for any other expenses in relationship to umpiring on behalf of the club. These should be made, ahead of occurring any expense or loss, to the club treasurer.


Katy Snodgrass

Umpire Appointment Seceratry

Georga Reed

Umpire Development Officer (2019-2021)

8th of July 2020