Men's Summer League Round Up

Another year, and another amazing Summer Hockey season for West Hampstead Hockey Club... this time playing in the Lee Valley League!

Long story short, the team started rusty and endured a couple of tough defeats against National League teams but quickly recovered and played some good, competitive hockey - always keeping the spirits up and supporting each other.

As a 2-year veteran Summer League captain I count this one as an absolute success for many reasons, but mostly because we had an estimate of 43 Mens players across 7 different Mens teams in the club, as well as many supporters and amazing umpires! Some might say having a wide range of awesome breweries at a short distance might have been a deciding factor, but that is not for me to judge...

The last pub of the end of summer league pub crawl in Hackney

Finally I would like to thank each and every one of you who contributed on making this Summer league an amazing one, especially thanks to Jared, Lorna Greenwood, Stevie and Stoobs.

Published on Monday 19th of September 2022 by:

Marti Queralt

Men's Summer Captain

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