Women's Summer League Round Up

With the summer league season drawing to a close, here's a summary of how the women got on by captain Lucy Murgatroyd.

Players from all our teams contributed essential attributes for a super squad at the Southgate pitches. The positive camaraderie brought to every evening game supported us in overcoming of a number of obstacles. From sweltering 32 degree heat to dwindling numbers, the women's players continued to navigate their way down the never-ending Snakes Lane to meet their next competitors. 

Post game team photo at Southgate

One particular Wednesday evening led to back-to-back games with a number of players showing their dedication to the club by starting their pre-season fitness (very) early and getting their legs whirring for both games. A massive hats off to those players and the heroes who stepped in at the last minute on multiple occasions to ensure that West Hampstead had a squad at full-force.

A quick look at the final table shows that we won, we lost, there were highs and there were lows. Ultimately, it is the taking part that counts and that's why I am not going to disclose the results!

A number of special thank yous to be given starting with Lorna Greenwood, a retired summer league captain taken out of retirement whilst I was away on holiday. Ailsa Farey, Sophie Mills and Marti Queralt for answering my endless admin questions. The umpires for their last minute game-saving step-ins. And all the players who kept coming back for more including committed goalkeeper Georga Reed. 

Published on Thursday 1st of September 2022 by:

Lucy Murgatroyd

Women's Summer Captain (2022)

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